Are you thinking about installing drywall over popcorn ceiling while remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or any other area in your home? While you probably already have directions or a helpful guide to give you ideas of how this project needs to be done, professional tips and techniques are always appreciated in home improvement jobs of this size.

  1. When locating the ceiling joists, always use a stud finder and do not be afraid to make a few pencil marks to help guide you when you are trying to line the Drywall Contractor Sacramento up.


  1. It is recommended to use ½ inch drywall as it is light and won’t add too much additional weight to your current ceiling.


  1. Have someone help you hang the drywall or go to your local home improvement store and rent a drywall jack to hold the pieces in place while you are working.


  1. Never have corners from four pieces of drywall line up together. What you want to do is stagger your ceiling. It may seem like you are doing a lot of extra work but you won’t be stuck with weak joints that may crack later either.


  1. Always use drywall finishing screws rather than nails. Not only do these grip significantly better, you won’t end up with those unsightly nail pops that show up in some homes months after the remodeling has been completed.


  1. Measure and cut your joint tape into appropriate lengths before attempting to hang them. This also helps keep your seams smoother.


  1. Always allow your joint compound time to dry completely between applications and keep it as smooth as possible so you won’t have so much sanding to do after.


  1. Never rinse excess compound down any drains because it can easily clog them. Scrape your tools off well in a trash bag before you start rinsing them in the sink. Always clean all tools that you use completely between use.


  1. Prior to painting, prime the ceiling with a PVA drywall specific primer. This will also allow you to spot any imperfections that slipped through. Using flat ceiling paint helps reduce the appearance of any surface imperfections as well.
  2. Be sure to wear goggles when installing drywall over popcorn ceiling. You are always looking up where particles can easily fall and drip so it is crucial to protect your eyes at all times.
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